5 Summer Safety Tips For Your Pets

Hot summer days not only affect humans, but they can be the worst time for your furry friends. Summer season becomes extremely challenging for your pets. Dogs sweat like humans, and they require picnics, swimming, hikes and running.

The hot air can make them difficult to breathe. So when the summer arrives, you need to keep the environment as cool for your dog as you want for yourself. For this, follow the below tips:

Summer Care Tips For Your Dogs

  • Never Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car

    Whether you park your car in the sun or shadow, avoid leaving your dog in your car. If you have to drive around with your dog or cat, bring the water and hydrating items for your pet.

  • Protect Your Dog From Parasites

    If you overlook, your dog may get heartworms, fever, lyme diseases and other diseases that often appear in summer. These can cause your pet to die.

  • Dogs Get Sunburns Too

    Like humans, dogs can also get a sunburn, and it can be a very painful condition. Prevent overexposure of your dog in the hot sunny days. Discuss with your veterinarian about the high-quality sunscreen for your dogs.

  • Watch Out Your Dog’s Weight

    Winter is a season of weight gain while in summer, some dogs lose their weigh. So, watch out your dog’s weight and talk to your veterinarian about maintaining the appropriate weight of your dog according to his age and breed.

  • Keep Your Dog Cool

    Your dog should always have access to fresh and cold water. Never make your dog walk and run on surfaces where the sun hits directly as it causes the paws to burn. Pets like the sunbath, but sunlight can overheat them and result in heat stroke.

Finally, make sure to consult with your local veterinarian at Northpoint Veterinary Hospital about your dog health, vaccination, food to give in summer and more. Book An Appointment Today!