5 Most Common Pet Diseases That Can Be Treated With Vaccines

For a productive life of your pup, vaccines are considered effective to prevent potential pet diseases like rabies. It not only treats your loving dog but also ensures a healthy environment to keep your family safe from canines. It’s essential for the homeowners to regularly consult with a veterinarian for a proper-check-up and go with vaccination if needed. Even with this, one also need to perform regular dental cleaning, grooming and move with recommended preventive care routines.

Below are the few common pet diseases that can be treated with vaccinations:

  1. Rabies
    Rabies is the most common disease found in the dogs and is completely fatal as well as equally hazardous to humans. It’s essential for the pet owners to ensure their pets must have rabies vaccination to control the disease and its bad effects.
  2. Distemper
    Distemper is another most deadly disease which can be only prevented through vaccination. If such kind of disease is left untreated, then its effects might be lifelong like paralysis or impaired sight.
  3. Diabetes
    Just like humans, pets are also at higher risk of developing diabetes with the passing age. Such a health problem can be controlled with a proper diet plan, exercise, and regular vaccinations.
  4. Tracheobronchitis
    Tracheobronchitis is the upper respiratory disease found in puppies which can spread at a very fast rate among dogs if not treated on time. To prevent this, vaccination is the best protection that a pet owner can offer his pup.
  5. Parvovirus
    Parvovirus is also one of the frequently seen diseases in puppies, especially who have not been vaccinated. It is a kind of virus which usually find in those countries having low vaccination rates and also leave long-term effects, if not inspected earlier.

It’s best to consult with dog’s veterinarian at regular intervals to have vaccines on time along with proper exercise guidelines. For your pet’s good health, you can schedule a vaccination program with our experienced vets at Northpoint Veterinary Hospital.