5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe During Winter Holidays

Winter holidays are the great time to gather with family, friends as well as your homely pets too. But at the same time, it’s also crucial to remain attentive to pet’s health during more colder times. It’s the fact, when we are preparing for the celebrations, forget to care about small things which can put the puppies into real dangers. Apart from indulging in veterinarian services, one must make sure that his home is a comfortable space for pets.

To eliminate expenses, adopt below tips to keep your pets healthy all the times:

  1. Avoid Harmful Foods

    During holidays, most of us love to eat sweet, fatty and spicy food but ensure your pets remain away from such eatables. Excess eating of such dishes can upset the pup’s stomach or lead to life-threatening illness.

  2. Create Separate Space

    During holidays, it’s better to create a separate living space for your loving puppies as pet’s behavior can change anytime. One must make sure that dog’s location must be away from the festivities and surrounded with a couple of toys and comfortable sleeping area.

  3. Keep Holiday Plants At Bay

    Decorating Christmas tree is one of the best holiday traditions. When preparing your Christmas tree, make sure it should be in a secure stand so that pet’s don’t exploit it with its teeth.

  4. Ornaments! Out Of Reach

    Ornaments like lights, string, ribbons as tinsel may attract your loving pet and can cause serious hazard. You must keep such things away from from the dogs as these light wires when chewed can also turn into electrical shock.

  5. Be Prepared With Veterinarian

    During the festive seasons, if you suspect that your pet has ingested something toxic, then you must immediately consult with a veterinarian for pet medical emergency.

Being ready with few preparations, you can enjoy your festive seasons in huge extent with your loving pets. If your puppy has a serious health issue, then you can hire our professional veterinarians at Northpoint Vet.