Top 4 Reasons Your Dog Is Not Eating

Are you having pets at your home? If yes, then you are among those lucky individuals who might be enjoying their life is a unique way. Living around with cute little cats or active dogs can really help you develop a healthy lifestyle. But, is your little companion itself healthy? In certain situations, a dog may stop eating suddenly or slowly. This illness is referred to a pet anorexia.

If you have just adopted a puppy for the first time and are unaware of the symptoms to look for to identify their ailments, its advised to take them to a local veteran for a physical examination. No matter, he is suffering from stomach disorders or severe fever, the obvious symptom to look for is reduced diet. There are many underlying diseases that lead to loss of appetite or unwillingness to eat in dogs. Some of them are listed below:

  • Illness:

    Most possibly, the sign of decreased appetite in pets may be due to some underlying sickness. If your pooch is not active at all and isn’t playing and eating, then there are significant signs of illness like cancer, liver problems, kidney failure or even worms. There is need of prompt veterinary care to identify the real issues behind this eating disorder.

  • Dental disease:

    Since dog diseases are similar to humans, there are risks for dental diseases too. Maybe your pup is suffering from a loose tooth or ache in his mouth. Oral tumors or gingivitis may also be the reason behind the loss of appetite.

  • Vaccination:

    Vaccines are generally introduced into a dog’s body to offer him protection against diseases and viruses. They are generally very strong and pose an adverse effect on the metabolism of dog. If your dog has recently gone through medication and is eating a low diet from then only, there is no need to worry as the effect of vaccination is just for a brief period of time. In case, two or three days has gone past and still, your pet is on a low diet, consult the matter with an expert veterinary clinic.

  • Picky behavior:

    Food choice or taste is behavior that can compel a canine to eat more or even less. If you are serving those dishes to your dog that are out of his taste bud, then chances are that he will better love to starve instead of eating awkward food. This picky behavior generally leads to retarded growth and loss of appetite.

These are some possible reasons that lead to loss of appetite in pets. If your pet is facing the similar issues and is losing weight due to reduced diet, get him examined and treated by trusted veterans at Northpoint Veterinary Hospital.