4 Natural Ways To Heal Dental Problem In Dogs

Dogs face similar diseases and ill health ailments as do humans. With the change in weather conditions, they fall an easy victim to myriad of physical and dental problems. The common reason behind oral issues in dogs is overlooked care. Veterans believe that periodontal or gum infections can start at an early age in furred animals. Moreover, ignoring unhealthy teeth and gum issues can result in other serious problems like heart and kidney diseases. Therefore, its better to treat and prevent these oral hygiene issues, before they actually deteriorate.

Some natural remedies that can be used to prevent dental problems in pets are:

  1. Dental Diet:

    Pet food manufactures by licensed companies consists of a diet that provokes healthy teeth by reducing the tartar build up. There are some dental diets for dogs that should be fed even a pet is victim to oral health problems. Always ensure that a dog consumes dry and large pieces of kibble that can be chewed.

  2. Natural Diet:

    It is highly recommended to offer raw meat and bones of pigs and cows, when it comes to natural diet. This raw meat helps in keeping the dog teeth clean and strong. Don’t offer a large bone that can stuck and obstruct the wind pipe of a pet, leading to death. Instead of a big chunk bone opt for feeding chicken necks to your companion.

  3. Vitamin C:

    Veterans consider Vitamin C as a perfect natural medicine for curing dental diseases. It is also an immune stimulant that not only provides normal gum and teeth tissues but also improves the body immunity. Start with an initial dose of 100 mg Vitamin C on a daily basis. Discontinue or reduce its quantity, if your pet show up signs of diarrhea.

  4. Herbs:

    When it comes to natural cure, herbs is the first thing that strike a person’s mind. Most of the vets also advice using them in daily diet of a dog. Herbs promote healthy gums and teeth. Use calendula lotion to heal mouth ulcers. Myrrh can be used for lowering gum inflammation in animals.

These are some natural remedies that promise healthy teeth and gums in dogs. Since they don’t have any side effect, they should at least be tried once. If your pet is facing any medical ailment or oral health issue, consult our veterans at Northpoint Veterinary Hospital in Bolton.