Do’s and Don’ts For Bathing Your Dog

Bath is not probably your dog’s favorite activity. Most of the dog run and hide when they hear about the bathe. Dog bathing can be a bit challenging, especially if you are a novice and don’t know how to bathe your pet. Your four legged furry friend don’t mind being dirty and most of the time he doesn’t enjoy bathing.

Your pet feel better and their coats stay healthier if you give him bathe every month. Healthy dogs are not smelly, itchy or constantly trying to scratch at their fur. Every dog owner needs to learn how to bathe that wiggly little creature. Here are some do’s and don’ts for how to wash a dog. Let’s take a look on them and transform your muddy pawed furry friend into a squeaky clean pup.

  1. Do use pet approved cleansing products:

    Many pet owners have a habit to use their own shampoo and condition for their pet’s fur and skin. If you are one of them, avoid this bit of laziness. Human shampoo is not good for the sensitive skin of your pet. If you have both pets, dog and cat, buy dog products for a dog and cat products for a cat, do not mix the two.

  2. Don’t bathe too frequently:

    Just like you, your dog don’t need bathe on a daily basis. Shampooing a dog on a regular basis will remove a portion of the natural oils on his skin. It could cause your pet dryness or dandruff. One or two times a month is a good schedule for bathe.

  3. Do massage your pet:

    Massage your pet’s skin and fur while bathing them. When you are doing massage, you are also going to be feeling their skin for any lumps. If you found anything wrong with your dog or cat, you will need to talk to your vet immediately.

  4. Don’t use hair dryer:

    Just like humans, pet can get chilled while bathing. If you are bathing outdoors, make sure the weather is not so cold. Sometimes people use their own hair dryer to warm pet up. The heat of a hair dryer is dangerous for your furry friend. It can cause itchy and dry skin or even it could burn his sensitive skin. You can use a towel to dry them instead of dryer.

  5. Don’t wash face and ears:

    Avoid using water directly in these areas. Dogs have too much moisture into wrinkles and ears could lead to difficulty to dry them properly. Be careful when you pour water running down your dog’s face. You can use cotton balls to stop water from entering the ears.

Keep all these points in your mind while bathing your dog. If your dog has a skin reaction, rashes or other typical problem, do not bathe him at home. It is better to visit Northpoint Veterinary Hospital in Bolton and Caledon.