Six Essential Things To Do To Make Halloween Safer For Your Pet

Halloween means a festive and fun time for every person, but what about your pets. At the Halloween night, your door bell is continuously ringing. This may be frightening to your pets. Before celebrating this festival, you need to concern about the safety of your dog, cat or other pets. If you do not take precautions, it can be a hazard for your four legged companion.

Our Ontario expert veterinary has compiled a few important tips to help you keep your four legged friend safe, secure and anxiety free this Halloween.

  1. Trick and treats are not for pets:

    As a pet owner, you may know that chocolate is dangerous for your furry friend. It is just like a poison for him or her and it is resulting in vomiting, rapid breathing, seizures and diarrhea. Warn your kids and other family members not to share their candies and goodies with your dog or cat.

  2. Be careful with costumes:

    You like to see your dog or cat in Halloween costumes, but it may cause undue stress. Expert recommends that do not put your pet in a costume unless you know the pet loves it. If you want to dress up your furry friend on the festival, make sure you choose the right costume for him or her.

  3. Keep pets inside for the night:

    Halloween is not an ideal time to leave your pets unattended outside. This is a festival of ruckus and there are strange and loud noises everywhere. It can cause your dog or cat to feel anxious and stressed. It is highly recommended to all pet owners that keep your pet inside the house for the night.

  4. Keep electric light cords and wires out of reach:

    If a dog or cat chewed electric wires, he or she could cut or burn himself or herself on shards of glass. Or maybe they get an electric shock. If so, a pet puts his or her life in peril.

  5. Proper identification:

    During the Halloween festivities, if you lost your furry friend, having a proper identification will increase the chances that you will get him or her back. Make sure the information on the microchip is up to date.

  6. Do a dress rehearsal:

    If you have a plan to dress your cat or dog on the Halloween night, make sure you do a dress rehearsal with your pet to ensure nothing is obstructing your dog’s ability to walk, see and breathe.

Your pet is just like your kid and don’t forget he or she is also a part of your family. Festival season can be stressful for them. Follow these given tips to protect your pet for Halloween. If you want to know more pet security tips, you can consult with us at the North Point Vet in Ontario.