Is Your Cat Depressed? Read On…

Just like us, cats also get depressed or sad. There can be various reasons behind your cat’s sadness, including loneliness, boredom and environmental changes. Such things can ‘low’ the mood of your cat. However, a little care and love can quickly cheer up your depressed cats. Here are a few things that can help you make your cat happy again.

Figure out what’s wrong

If you think that your cat is not in a good mood, there much be a reason for it. She might not be liking the environment. Or it might be due to the loss or entry of any family member – human or animal. Try to figure out what’s wrong with your cat to find the right solution.

Spend some quality time to cheer her up

Exercise and social interactions can lift up the mood of your cat. It is advisable to spend some quality time with her. Make sure that you play with your cat daily and show your love to her. Provide her with a plenty of toys so that she’s busy in doing something.

Take your cat out

During winter months, when there is no sufficient fresh air and sunlight, your cat may feel sad. So, it is good to take her on a stroll to refresh the mood. You can also set up windowsill perches so that the cat can view outside whenever she feels like. Set her free to roam around, but make sure the area is safe for her.

Adopt a new companion

Feline depression is the outcome of loneliness and boredom. So make sure your cat has a companion to prevent boredom. You can consider adopting one more cat. If you have enough space, you can have more cats. But, before that consult with your vet about how to maintain harmony among various cats. This can help you create a happy and healthy environment for your cat.

Schedule a visit to the vet.

It is strongly recommended taking your cat to the vet to determine that your cat is absolutely fine and don’t have any medical issue. Any kind of pain, disease or discomfort can also lead to depression. Your vet can guide you better about the health condition of your feline friend.

If you don’t know the reason behind your cat’s weird behavior, contact our vets at North Point Vet. We are experienced veterinarians committed to providing you with quality pet health care services.