5 Ways To Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Winter is here and it would be difficult for you to take the dog for a walk when its freezing outside. As the temperature starts dropping, you would start making your dog’s potty breaks short. However, he still needs exercise to stay fit and active. If you don’t want your dog to turn into a couch potato, then you must undertake some physical activity sessions at home. Our veterinary hospital in Caledon will discuss a few effective physical activities that your pet can perform at your home.


Fetch is one of the favorite games of every dog. This is a great way to get him off the couch. You just need to toss a soft toy and ask your buddy to bring it back. You both can enjoy this game while watching your favorite show on the TV.

Laser Pointer

Your dog will definitely enjoy chasing the elusive red dot. Make sure you don’t point the laser lights directly into his eyes. Make the game more interesting by doling out a healthy threat. This way your pooch will enjoy the game and won’t get frustrated by chasing something that he could not catch.

Stair Runs

If you have multi-storey home, keep your dog active with stair runs. Take one of his favorite toys and call him to you. When he reaches to take his toy, then toss the toy down the stairs and ask him to get it. This activity will help your dog shed the extra pounds.


A treadmill can help keep your pet healthy and active. Make sure your vet allows you to do so. Remember, your pet’s safety is above all. Keep an eye on your pooch when he’s on the treadmill. Give him time to get use to it. It is advised to remove his collar first, to avoid any accidental situation.


Vigorous exercise is not good for every dog. For puppies, running around the home is enough exercise. Senior dogs may require a little more than just running. Large breed dogs having arthritis or hip disorder should not be encouraged to jump or perform vigorous exercise. Make sure you ask your vet about the best exercise regimen as per the health condition of your pet.

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