What to Do If Your Pet Gets Injured

 Your Pet Gets Injured

Do you know what to do if your furry companion ever gets injured? Caledon veterinary hospital truly hopes this never happens to any of the pet owners, but we do want you to be fully prepared in case this happens. While a serious injury will obviously require emergency veterinary care, you may need to provide some first aid before you can transport your pet to the nearest hospital. In this article, we give you some helpful tips on what to do if your furry friend ever suffers from an injury.


Pale gums, short breaths, unconsciousness, weak or fast pulse, seizures and problem standing are some of the signs that indicate the need for immediate medical attention. Excessive bleeding, and temperature changes are also crucial warning signs. If you are unsure whether or not your pet’s injuries require immediate care, always be on the safer side and take your pet to a Caledon veterinary hospital right away.

First Aid

When there is an emergency situation, it is important that you act fast in order to save your furry companion. The last thing you want to do is struggle to look for instructions, so it is recommended to download some pet first aid apps. These apps will ensure that you have access to the information right on your phone.

Moving Your Dog

Even if your pet is normally friendly and sociable, he/she might bite when injured. Try talking to your pet before touching him/her. If your pet growls or exposes teeth, you may need to use a muzzle. After securing your pet, you can move him/her into the car. For small pets, use a sturdy box or laundry basket. For grown up pets, use a sleeping bag or blankets as a temporary stretcher.

Call Ahead

Call your emergency animal hospital before leaving, so they will be expecting your arrival. This will allow the staff to make preparations and save precious time.


It is highly recommended getting a first aid kit for your furry companion. The kit should have your pet’s documents and first aid brochures, and basic medical supplies, such as antiseptic spray, non-stick bandages and gauze.

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