DIY Tips For Trimming Your Pet’s Nails

Pet’s nails grow constantly, just like human nails. But, most of the pet owner is apprehensive about trimming their pet’s nails. Here this guide will help you know when and how to trim the nails of your lovable pooch. Although, cutting depends on the breed as well as the lifestyle of the pet, as it can change with age. Therefore, it is essential to keep your pet’s claws well trimmed, because if they get too long it can put pressure and pain on the paws and toes, which will ultimately put strain on the legs. So, prevent these issues from happening by clipping your pooch’s nails in a correct manner.

How To Cut the Nails?

Pet nail trimming can be a stress-free and simple activity for you, if you do it slowly and carefully. So, before start clipping, make sure to start slow and feed them treats to make pleasant and joyful environment. Another thing you should consider is clippers. Make sure to choose the clipper that is more comfortable for you while using.

Follow the steps to know what type of nail clipper is good for your pet.

  • Guillotine has everything you really need. This type of clipper is used to prevent the bleeding if you are cutting your pet’s nails too short.
  • Before beginning, you can also pick scissor that can make your pet relaxed. But, make sure to hold your pet’s paw firmly and identify the nail quickly you would like to trim.
  • If your pooch have dark nails, then use the clippers to cut the small nail within a few millimeters of the quick. When you get closer you will find a grayish Val within the nail. At that point you should stop cutting.
  • In case you trim too short, then quickly apply the Kwik stop powder that can help in stopping the bleeding.
  • If your bark buddy is being highly patient, then you should try dremling or filing the nails afterwards to make them smooth, soft and nice.

Therefore, pick any one clipper from the above, that ensure your pet could not get infections or pains. These clippers are very helpful and easy to operate. So, just keep your pet’s feet in tip top condition. If you find the trimming task difficult, then you can also contact a professional or highly skilled vet to clip the nails of your pet.

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