Is Your Dog Depressed? How to Detect and Manage Depression in Dogs

Our furry friends are very emotional animals. Just like humans, they can get depressed. If your dog seems a bit mopey lately, he or she may have a case of the blues. Here is some more information on doggy depression from your animal hospital.


Our four-legged companions get depressed for the same reasons that we do. Losing a close companion, whether human or animal, can make a dog sad. Lifestyle changes, weather conditions, and medical conditions can cause depression.

The chemical imbalance in dogs can also cause them to suffer from clinical depression. The changes in seasons such as the onset of winter can have an impact on their moods. Dogs can also exhibit symptoms of depression when something is physically wrong with them. This is why it is important to seek care from an animal hospital if depression symptoms persist for a long time.


Depressed dogs behave much like depressed humans. If they are feeling blue, they may withdraw and keep to themselves. They may seem lethargic, and even huff a heavy sigh now and then. There might also be some changes in their sleeping habits. Generally, depressed dogs will sleep more, but some dogs may go take the other road and sleep less. Appetite changes can also indicate doggy depression. Sometimes sick dogs display the same symptoms, so if you think your friend has the blues, have a vet examine him or her physically.

How to Help

There are few things you can do to make your dog feel better and have that tail wagging again. If your furry friend has been diagnosed with a medical condition, the vet may put him or her on medications that will help. If the depression is due to something else, the best thing you can do is to interact with your furry friend. It is also crucial to make sure your dog is getting enough daily exercise.

If the weather permits, take a trip to the doggy park to lift up the little one’s spirits. If your dog is sad because of the loss of an animal buddy, consider getting another one. Give your buddy lots of attention by taking him or her to long walks. Just like humans, sometimes doggies also need a big hug and some time to adjust.

Yes, Pets Can Come of Out of Depression!

If you suspect your dog is depressed, it is important to know that many symptoms of depression can also be an indication of other underlying issues. We recommend you bring him or her for a checkup at North Point, your trusted animal hospital in Bolton to rule out any physical issues.

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